Video case studies add value

Are you exploiting the marketing power of video case studies?

Video case studies are a great way to bring your showcase projects to life, even if they are 'talking heads', and you might unearth some real nuggets about your business just by going through the process. Video is obviously the ideal method to put visual businesses on the map - a recent project of mine showcased some graphics installation work, and married with a professional voiceover it creates a very slick product and for just a few hundred pounds into the bargain. But the real eye-opener this week was just through chatting with a business owner who seems to be battling both his inexperience in selling and the world's perception that his product is either expensive or unnecessary or both. I have to confess that I was also a sceptic. Then he illustrated how he was working with a client to implement his solution, and all I could hear was a story about benefits and the new opportunities he had created for his client. The product is more than just a technical macguffin, it is a way to explore customer engagement and create new sales channels. This sounded like a video case study that would also validate that he doesn't sell drills, he sells holes. At the end of the day, we buy a drill because we want to make a hole. A project case study that illustrates how the hole is produced, and how delighted your customer is with it, shows the value and not the cost. It might also cause you to reframe your offering in language that appeals to a customer better than a dry 'corporate video' would. It gives them a story to relate to. If you can get your happy customer to tell the story, rather than doing it yourself, the impact is even greater. If you brought one or more of your successes to light through video case studies, it could do more than just get potential customers to take notice. It could make you think more wisely about your own marketing messages.