Don’t rely on luck for video success

Successful video marketing campaigns

Reward, in many areas, is highly dependant on knowledge and effort. Success through luck is all very nice, but not an ideal business strategy. Creating a 'viral' video is not a matter of science, otherwise it would be replicable by anyone. Luck is a big element. Most businesses don't want video content that promotes their business to go viral, they just want it to hit the target audience and move them up the buying curve. This reward is dependant on knowledge and effort. The first stage is defining the message and desired outcome. The second stage is producing a video that engages and has production values appropriate to the brand and audience. The third stage is doing everything that is needed to get the video in front of potential customers. If all the knowledge and effort goes into the first two stages, and none into the last, then 'ROI' risks becoming just the 'I'. To me it is inconceivable that this would be an acceptable result for a business of any size, and yet it seems all too common. If a company doesn't take a half-baked approach to social media, have a scattergun marketing approach, or produce a shoddy video, why should it leave the leverage of online channels to chance? It is rare to meet a client who knows all the important aspects of video content strategy, and of web video marketing, but just needs a cameraman to shoot the video. Most businesses, even if they don't know what they don't know, know that they don't know everything. And why would they? They have a business to run. I don't know everything about accountancy, email marketing and graphic design, which is why I outsource to those better equipped to add value to my business in those areas. A business that isn’t fully versed in video marketing - or even some of the important stuff - but goes ahead anyway risks wasting some of the valuable knowledge and effort they have put into the project. They are partially relying on luck to generate customers. I wish them....luck.