YouTube Consultancy

Of course there are the traditional elements of key-wording and hyper-linking to consider but there is more to the effective use of this most powerful medium than you will get from a ‘top 5 tips’ article. There’s nuance and subtlety, experience and we’ll say it again, hard work to consider as well.
Our ‘numbers’ stack up and they are traceable, uncomplicated and completely unambiguous, we deliver more YouTube viewers than other video producers – in fact over 1.2 million and counting.
Getting more traffic to your videos on YouTube is not a black art, and we don’t pretend it is. We just want to raise your content above the level of everyone else who thinks the Upload button is the magic bullet. As we asked right at the beginning of our website ‘Where is the value in a corporate video?’…well, here is a value:  It is in the viewing figures, not just quantity but quality.

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