Repurposing video content

Video Content Marketing

I spent last week staying in an old station building on a preserved railway line in Wales. I could tell you that it was a holiday designed solely to please my son, but that would be economical with the actuality. It seems that all across the UK, the steam railway scene is undergoing a resurgence. These great old machines are returning to service in increasing numbers, and it's obviously making economic sense to do so. It's been a theme in the office over the last few months too. Conversations with clients have led to us looking at how we can resurrect forgotten content and breathe new life into it i.e. repurposing video content. Sometimes these options are not immediately obvious - turning the audio file from a radio interview into a video, taking lengthy presentation footage and dividing it into bite-sized and very keyword-able pieces, making a photo slideshow into engaging video, even giving existing YouTube content a makeover. Repurposing video content can be a quick win. The common thread is that most of the hard 'creation' work has been done, but what is still needed is a considered approach and a sprinkle of marketing nous to reach the target audience. Sometimes a great opportunity can be stymied by a rushed approach - uploading 10 videos to YouTube on the same day being a classic example. This leaves no chance to generate momentum and build an audience, because who is going to sit and watch all ten in a row? A lot of businesses have untapped content, often knowledge-based, that could do them wonders, and price is not the barrier - just enthusiasm and an eye for an opportunity. Exactly the things that are making kids, big and small, very happy and engaged repeat customers.   You may also like this article