Reach your video audience

Where is your video audience?

As a business, you should know your demographic. This is easier said than done for some; socks are bought by everyone, wedding dresses by a very specific customer. Not only must marketing messages be targeted at that customer avatar, they must be channelled through the media by which that customer likes to consume information. In other words you need to be aware of where your customer hangs out. In terms of social media, different platforms are used in different ways by different users. B2B businesses may be best advised to focus on LinkedIn, although Facebook is not to be overlooked. I once asked a client whether they would be tweeting about their new video, but they knew that their target audience is in the 18-24 range and socialise on Facebook, so the client didn't have a Twitter account. In terms of the video, one of the compelling reasons for them to embark on a video content strategy was because they knew that within their niche business, YouTube was a massive opportunity. The audience was already there, watching, commenting on and sharing videos on their topic of interest, a vast special interest group waiting to consume. Understandably, embarking on video is one of the best marketing decisions my client ever made. In common with all good content marketing strategies, the idea is to get customers to your website to BUY STUFF. To a greater or lesser extent the social media platforms should be used as signposts to better things elsewhere. The above example proves that YouTube is a social media platform which, when used for business, is designed to be used as part of the sales funnel. Not only do you need to know where your audience are, you need to know when they are there. For example if your target audience is mothers of school-age children, hotspots could be just after the morning school run, or just before the afternoon trip. You could target commuters on Twitter during the morning commute. The final piece is then to look at the relevant Analytics to check that you've got the times right, and the right demographic is responding. Then you can start to very the messages to find out which works best to reach your video audience.