Why You Need A Professional Video For Your Business

Professional Video

On the surface, the case for using video in your business is compelling. I could use up all the space in this article quoting the latest statistics, but you can readily find those online. When you are talking about the dramatic impact on Google rankings, the ease of conveying information, the preference for consumers to watch video rather than read text, the marked improvement in converting visitors into leads, and the growing trend for the adoption of video by businesses of all sizes, the case makes itself. Social media platforms are even giving greater priority to video in their newsfeeds. We live in a visual world – TV, Skype, FaceTime, YouTube - even the growing trend for business networking as a marketing strategy – so the question should be, “Given that we all thrive on a visual and personal connection, why is video marketing NOT the norm?” As a business owner yourself, when looking to research or buy, which would you rather do, read a page of web copy, or watch a quick explainer video? Which would better connect you to the product/service/supplier? Three things I think hold businesses back when deciding whether to join the video cognoscenti: Cost, Fear, and concerns over potential Return On Investment. Much space in marketing content has recently been devoted to the question “How do I measure the ROI of Social Media?” For an intangible marketing pillar, often without explicit cost being allocated or quantified, it can appear difficult, but most businesses do it anyway. The best answer to the question I have seen is “The ROI of Social Media is that you will still be in business in 5 years time”. Given that video is a massively growing trend, shouldn’t the same answer apply? Having a professional video produced for your business does explicitly cost money. The problem is that many (smaller) companies have a perception that it is not within their means. We actually find that it’s a pleasant surprise to our clients how cost-effective it can be – especially when fully thought-through and then implemented so as to generate the best opportunity for success. And fear? It’s something so pervasive – the fear of public speaking, getting in front of a camera, feeling awkward. What business owners and their marketing teams need to weigh up is whether that fear is more important than doing one of the single best things possible to win more customers.