YouTube channel SEO

YouTube viewership was designed from the outset to be a key part of the video strategy for this client, and our ability to partner throughout the entire journey from shoot to online was a pillar of the ongoing success that has been achieved.

A huge programme of content was planned, in the form of FAQ videos covering myriad medical subjects. Critical to gaining organic reach on YouTube was a comprehensive library of researched keywords, broken down by niche. It was also important for us to gain an appreciation of how all the subjects interrelated.

The output was a large spreadsheet of topics, their groups and sub-groups, related keywords and list of planned videos. This enabled us to prepare the YouTube channel from scratch, prior to content creation, including dozens of Playlists.

Each video was then given its pre-ordained list of specific keywords and placed into relevant Playlists. Video descriptions were related directly to matching pages on the client website, and videos embedded from YouTube onto the most appropriate web page. This was done by directly accessing the clients website backend, using a logon specifically created for us. Thus, when a video had been filmed, the editing, onlining, playlisting, keywording and embedding were all handled by ourselves, relieving the client of a huge administrational burden.

This client relationship is ongoing in both video production and YouTube optimisation.

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