YouTube channel management

We’ve been working on video production for this client since 2013 and have been undertaking direct uploads to their YouTube channel for much of that time.

Content has been subdivided into Playlists for business areas, old pre-existing or now-irrelevant content deleted, basic channel settings updated.

A key aspect of the relationship is that a very busy client is able to outsource all aspects of the video production and uploading to us with complete confidence.

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YouTube channel SEO

250,000 views in just 2 years for this client! YouTube viewership was designed from the outset to be a key part of the video strategy for this client, and our ability to partner throughout the entire journey from shoot to online was a pillar of the ongoing success that has been achieved.

YouTube training and consultancy

As part of the consultancy session we discussed keywords, an area where there was very little knowledge within the business. We regularly advise clients to use their website’s keywords, or those used in Adwords, as a good start point for keywording on YouTube.