Testimonial video

We shot a pre-taped testimonial video interview with British Lions star Joe Marler for showing at an evening industry event. Joe was unable to attend the dinner due to rugby engagements but was asked to contribute. We drove down to his home in Sussex and in under an hour filmed a 4 minute video. This was married with library footage of Joe in action.

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Similar Projects

Rugby Calendar teaser video

A behind-the-scenes shoot for a Rugby Club calendar in 2015. Shooting in a badly lit shower room is one thing. Warm water misting up the lens after 15 seconds is even trickier. Luckily the finished edit was designed to have a shot change every 1-2 seconds.

Pre-taped conference video

We compiled an executive summary to be broadcast at a client conference. This involved a talking head piece intercut with images and screen capture from 3 different devices.

Customer Service Awards event

Visiting 18 separate locations for 18 separate interviews on a single day? Easy, with good preparation and a very mobile setup. The pieces were cut together into Award Nominee films to be shown on the Awards Night (a bit like the Oscars!).