Lighting installation case study

This electrical contractors wanted to use video to give an insight into one of their regular client jobs – changing bulbs on sports pitch floodlights. We met at the location on a thankfully sunny day and were walked through the process.
Due to the wide field of view needed, GoPro cameras were ideal to capture the lowering and raising of the mast, and a DSLR for the detail shots of the repair work. A highlight was attaching a GoPro to the mast itself as it was winched back vertically, giving an unusual POV shot.
With a few split screens in the edit to allow maximum use of the footage, the result is a tidy little video that the client was very pleased with, all achieved in just a few hours.

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Graphics & print showcases

A new animated logo ident was required to harmonise all the videos, and some text graphic based on the same visual language were incorporated into the videos to make them more informative in terms of the client’s services.

Behind The Scenes

It’s 8am. There had be numerous rehearsals with Philip’s assistant diving in – this was the mother of all “one-take” photos. Similarly for me this needed to be captured without problem – and the video was about the whole project, not just the actual moment.

Lighting company promo

A lighting company promo video, tightly scripted for a 1-minute award entry. Comments were very favourable, not only about the video itself but about the value we added to the process.