Nutrition advice video content

We are working on an ongoing basis with the Dairy Council to cover seminars and interviews to produce video content for their YouTube channel.

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Similar Projects

Healthcare video content

The programme involves creating videos around various subjects and harnessing the power of niche keywords to generate excellent SEO – 30k views to date on YouTube.
We are liaising with both graphic designer and web designer to ensure harmony. We have created bespoke animated idents, and a new playlist-rich YouTube channel.

Medical FAQ DVD

We worked with a pharma company to create an illustrative medical FAQ video guide to a particular medical condition, so that the client could make the content available to reps and healthcare professionals.

Podiatry web video

The testimonials were paired with owner voiceover recorded onsite, venue shots, and mocked up shots of working practices, all using actual staff and patients. To this end all the elements were scheduled so as to be the most time efficient in terms of participants giving up their day.