School internal presentations

We undertook 2 projects with this excelling school federation on internal comms video training materials – pre-taped presentations for staff and pupils.

This involved filming the headteacher in his office, using autocue to construct two 15-minute plus videos. The talking heads were integrated with images provided by the client, music, and simple graphics.

As these are for a private audience we can’t share them here.

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Logistics company video content

We worked for 4 years on a regular basis for the rapidly expanding Diamond Logistics brand. This included coverage of company events, production of vidcasts, filming internal training and comms pieces, and corporate web videos.

Internal training films

As part of our 3-year relationship with EF Language, we put together a series of 5 internal training films. These were filmed on the clients premises over two days, with scenarios being acted out and supplemented with voiceover and simple text graphics.

Launch campaign video

This was an edit project, pulling together snippets of 20 different existing videos, and adding bespoke graphics to produce a launch campaign video.