Printing project case study

This project case study video for Pyramid Visuals covers a very exciting and high profile project the company undertook in December 2010, and involved tight deadlines including a shoot-to-online element with an 8 hour turnaround.

The shoot involved 3 separate trips to the client premises, all of which were at short notice due to the fluctuating project timescales. We conceived of the storyboard, worked on the scripting, and undertook proof-of-concept tests to ensure the client’s own footage could be integrated without problem. There were a few false dawns during the project but all came together in the end.

The finished work was unveiled in Brussels. Too costly to send me to cover the event, and the client was going anyway, so he filmed it and returned immediately to the UK. He drove straight to my house to drop off the footage and I edited it into the gap left at the end of the video. The press release and video went out the next day.

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