Financial services promo

This video was designed to be a thought provoking and non stuffy promo within the world of financial services. As often within the legal and financial professions there are rules and guidelines about what can be said so the script worked within these constraints.
Filming was done in 3 locations in the same morning; client’s office, local park and local town. The latter two used a handheld approach for flexibility and minimal footprint, and our regular EX1 video camera as shallow depth of field was not important.

“Chris at London Corporate Media is a videographer who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Previously, my experience of video producers is to shoot the video and produce it, but Chris goes much further into how to promote your video on YouTube and other key sites. His knowledge is phenomenal and he gives so much time, dedication and passion into making your video work for you. I would recommend Chris to anyone thinking of video, and even more so to those that haven’t even thought of video!”
Mike Brown
Director at Crystal Clear Financial Services

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