Pre-taped conference video

We compiled an executive summary to be broadcast at a client conference. This involved a talking head piece intercut with images and screen capture from 3 different devices.

The final edit of the client case study video was worked on with the customer present at our office.

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Similar Projects

ICT Client case study

We worked on a project case study video for NFON. These involve interviews with clients to convey the project challenges and how they were met. The first of these was at motorsport specialists Prodrive in Banbury.

ICT Case Studies

More exotic motoring machinery in front of the lens again (what a lucky guy I am). This was a testimonial shoot at the prestigious HR Owen in London. I’ll have my Bugatti in something other than brownish-purple though, thanks.

Printing project case study

A large scale print project in 2011 where the finished work was unveiled in Brussels. The client was going anyway, so he filmed it and returned immediately to the UK. He drove straight to my house to drop off the footage and I edited it into the end of the video. The press release and video went out the next day.