What your £99 video can do

How To Leverage That Cheap Video

You have responded to an offer to get a little video shot for your business for £99. You've walked away with a short clip, probably a talking head, that should be a great promo. That was easy, wasn't it? Now the customers will come. The customers will come because you thought about the content for the video and how best to showcase your business. You emphasised your point of difference - you didn't just say 'we are accountants/builders/consultants and we do accounting/building/consulting'. There was passion and there was a call to action. Obviously the missing piece is getting the video in front of potential customers. Some of this is easy and the platforms are there waiting for you - your website, your LinkedIn Company page, embedded in a Slideshare presentation on your LinkedIn profile, your Google My Business listing, any directory services you have a profile on... ...these don't require much more than locating the Upload button. There is an Upload button on YouTube too, but that won't help you blaze a trail through the worlds biggest search engine. Just as understanding the power of LinkedIn is a growing necessity for B2B users, beyond simply creating a profile, you will do yourself a power of good by backing up your investment in content with an investment in knowledge about Video Marketing Strategy. It wasn't that long ago that I thought that dabbling in social media and posting videos on YouTube (a social media channel in itself) would bring immediate results. It was only the knowledge about how to rise above the 'hit and hope' masses that started to reap rewards. It's about having a video marketing strategy. Your £99 video could be a powerful tool for you, but probably only if you use it better than everyone else who expected it to be the magic bullet.