Maximise your video exposure

Top 10 places to get your video seen

As online social and sharing platforms continue to grow, there's no excuse for not giving your corporate video the most exposure you can, and signposting it in as many places as your potential audience might come across. Here's my Top 10 places to link or showcase your video;
  1. YouTube. The daddy of them all. But only if you spend time on the optimisation.
  2. Your website. Obviously. But somewhere visible, not squirrelled away through a chain of drop-down menus.
  3. Vimeo. Accounts are free - be sure to take advantage of HD upload to maintain their superior quality.
  4. LinkedIn. On your profile (assuming you are the business owner).
  5. LinkedIn Company Profile. You do have a company profile, don't you?
  6. Facebook. Uploaded directly. But be careful not to upload your video simultaneously to all platforms, or you will divide your audience.
  7. Email. Hyperlinked through your email footer, to your website or YouTube.
  8. Pinterest. Pinned on one of your boards. You do know how fast Pinterest is growing, don't you?
  9. Google+. Having your video here might be useful, what with Google being, well, Google.
  10. Offline. Yes, offline exists too. Put a copy on your iPad, your laptop, or playing on a loop on a TV at your trade fair stand. You never know when you might bump into a potential customer.
Maximise your video exposure. Be everywhere, be seen, be found.