Join the video revolution

What's holding you back from using video?

Three top barriers to businesses harnessing the power of video marketing are
  1. Fear of the camera
  2. Perception that it is expensive
  3. Belief that it doesn’t work
Cure for the second – talk to some video people. Find out what you can get, how much it could cost, how you can benefit, and how they work. You may be surprised. Like hundreds of views and exposure in a magazine for only £250. Cure for the third – look at some numbers. Find some case studies. Listen to the buzz on social. Cure for the first? Well, do you have to appear on camera? A slideshow counts as video, as does Camtasia and Animoto – they are all good starting points. Are you, the person, the commodity your customers are buying, or is the business bigger than that? Could a professional presenter front for you? Alternatively, one of our approaches is the ‘top and tail’ shoot – the business owner is on camera for the first two and last two sentences of the video, the rest is voiceover. Is that still too scary? Are their business owners out there that would happily go in front of a webcam but not a professional lens? The audience still sees you (but looking much nicer in front of a decent camera). Is the cameraman judging you, hurrying you? Or is he helping you, coaching you, acting as a live audience and validating whether your words achieve the desired result? Is he adding more value than discomfort? Would that be a cure?