Implementation of video marketing

Video marketing pillars of success

Having started work with a new client on implementing video marketing, lots of questions and considerations have been thrown up which shine a spotlight on the importance of tying the disparate elements together. Apart from a couple of 'welcome' videos for the website homepage, the driver for our working relationship is to create a programme of videos that replaces the 200-odd topic-based informational web pages. With the client being in a relatively specialised field, and dealing with very specific medical conditions in these 'blogs', the SEO opportunities are excellent and that is one of the drivers for the approach. Groups of keywords are very niche for each video, and competition is likely to be low ( as opposed for a term like "business coach" ). With a properly implemented video content strategy in a niche area, the end aim is that the website and YouTube channels become a destination in the subject area. Brand awareness and value increases, and hence drive greater client volumes. Agreed, this may not be a revelation, but it is so frequently a missed opportunity due to the lack of shared knowledge between the client and the video producer. The results? 30,000 Views in just 8 months. But what are the key pillars for success?

Brand consistency.

We worked to create a bespoke canvas backdrop for shooting against, to give all the 'talking heads' a consistent feel. This involved mocking up a proof of concept, then working with the designer and printer. The client trusted us to manage the whole endeavour, and they loved the result. We also created a new ident from the clients logo to intro all the videos. Having access to the design files also allowed us to use the correct font and colour palette for any other graphics used in the videos. The client had also had bespoke icons created for their social media 'buttons' and we had these files sent through so that they could be added into the video graphics where needed.

Structure planning.

All the videos fit into categories and sub categories of subjects and keyword groups, and it was important to understand this structure in advance. This allowed us to tick off as we went through the program. It is also vital in terms of keywording and playlisting on YouTube.

YouTube setup.

This has to be a good extension of the brand, with all the underlying parameters set properly. The structure above is also vital in terms of helping visitors to navigate all the topics. We set up the channel during a client meeting and enabled the remote management option so that we did not need to use the client's private login for their whole Google account.

Website embedding.

When all the videos are embedded on the client website, each on their own page, the keywords on the page need to match those against the video on YouTube. If the pages are arranged in topic hierarchy this should match the playlisting on YouTube, page titles should match video description. To ensure that the ongoing content release would run smoothly, we liaised with the webmaster to come up with a methodology.


If this is being utilised, again the Campaigns should be aligned with the keywords, topic areas and web landing pages.

Google Analytics.

When a programme of this nature is being undertaken, ROI and the ability to measure it is important. Hence Analytics should be in beforehand, and then tied into the YouTube account. There needs to be knowledge of the baseline data on web hits, enquiries etc, so that an expected upturn in business can be quantified.


If Adwords is not being used, then goal tracking cannot be used as effectively. As this is not a business centred around online purchases, how do we track whether video views and web page clicks translate into phone calls?

Launch and promotion.

How is the content to be launched and promoted? A bulk upload of many videos is great for visual consistency of the associated webpages, but it swamps YouTube in one do-or-die spell. Early spikes in traffic are important to YouTube in terms of generating momentum so it would be a miracle if all the content found a huge audience in the same short spell. Releasing a new video into the public domain, and promoting it through social media, once every couple of days gives the client something to shout about regularly.   This kind of project is all in a day's work for us. Can we help you?