Implementation of video

Implementation of video – What EXACTLY is your plan?

In this blog I know I’ll touch upon some things I’ve mentioned before, but the real world experience has borne them out this week. The new customer enquiry started with the fabled ‘How much for a 3 minute corporate video?’ I think that was the last question she asked. We had to get down to brass tacks: What is going to be included in the video? This is for a charity, so what kind of budget do they have? I see they have a decent video already on their homepage – is the new one replacing it? If so, why? What is going to happen to the old one – does it still have value? You mentioned shooting new interviews – the existing video has those – could we save money by recycling? How does the content of the existing video relate to the content of the new one? If they belong together, are you having both videos on the homepage? Will all the new interviewees be available on the same day to keep costs down? You mentioned coverage of events – how many and over what period of time? Attending an event just to get 15 seconds of footage to use as B-roll in a corporate video is perhaps missing an opportunity. Why don’t we get enough footage for a short video about the event itself, as well as the snippets we need for the main video? Then you get more valuable content to share with your audience, and at nominal extra cost. Do you have more than one audience – the people you support, versus the people who support you? Who is this video aimed at – what do you want the viewer to do as a result? I see you are embedding from YouTube but have an unbranded and un-keyworded channel – would you be interested in help fixing this in about an hour’s work so you get more organic traffic? Would you like your embedded player to have a bespoke thumbnail and lose the YouTube branding? How does this implementation of video fit into the wider marketing campaign? …and we didn’t even get started talking about online platforms and social media exposure! Well, I think she went away with a fuller notepad than she expected!