Video : How hard can it be?

How to make a corporate video

Yes, it may be a over-simplification of the view of many businesses, but given the great untapped opportunity for many companies to grasp video, it must be a barrier. But if video is hard, how do millions of people post thousands of online clips every minute? As a business, what do you need to produce a video? 1. Someone to produce the video for you. Too expensive? You may be surprised. But let's say you are on a budget, and skip to... 2. Something to record video on. Admittedly this could be a problem if you don't own a camcorder. Or a webcam. Or a camera phone. Or a computer with free screen capture, animation or slideshow software on it. 3. Some way to edit the video. Tricky, if you don't have any free software, or the ability to download it. 4. Somewhere online to upload the video to. Difficult. Looks like you're going to have to get a website, a social media profile, or any one of hundreds of free video-hosting sites. 5. Knowledge about your own business, products and or services. Hmmm. 6. Some time to spare on marketing your business and trying to win more customers. Actually, making a video isn't really that hard. Making a video that's engaging, well thought out, properly produced (or at least free of basic errors), that speaks to your customers and actually reaches them by good online positioning, well, that's...not really that hard either. If you know where to go for a helping hand. Why not expose yourself to the risk that video will generate more business?