Getting the most from video

Do you want to be in the minority?

With half of Internet traffic accounted for by video, businesses generating content or promoting themselves online without including video in the marketing mix may be getting less than half the traction they could. It could be worse. A business could be in the majority category. The difference is that this majority represents businesses that are already using video as part of their strategy, but aren't getting the results they could. Like the business I spoke to this week. While we were chatting on the phone, the business owner looked on YouTube for a promo video that they had had produced over a year ago. He couldn't find it.


That's right. The person who commissioned the video couldn't locate his own business on the platform he had uploaded it to. What chance did an ordinary punter stand? Without proper keywording, there was a challenge doing a YouTube search, let alone doing a Google search, which is one of the major by-products of putting video on YouTube - ranking well on Google. Yes, I found the video. Yes, it was poor quality and not consistent with the image of the brand - but that was why we were talking in the first place. YouTube is clogged up with videos hardly anyone is watching. Not a problem if it's iPhone footage of Aunty Nora falling over at Christmas. A big problem if it's something you have invested money in to try and get more customers. If there is no marketing activity surrounding the video, no pointers on social media, and no understanding of the mechanics of YouTube optimisation, then the answer is simple. A business will end up in the majority. The majority of videos on YouTube have under 100 views. So wouldn't you rather be in the minority?