Finding a video producer

"When all is said and done, much more is said than done" This is a very accurate observation, but while it indicates that there is often a lack of implementation or follow-up, it does risk giving talking a bad name. A recent client win indicates that sometimes there is no substitute for a good chat, and the soundboarding and brainstorming that can turn a vague notion into a concrete way forward. It's also proof that however large a company is, there is no guarantee that they have all the answers and skills in-house. At this 8-figure business, the starting point was 'We are thinking about using video". Nearly 3 hours later at the close of the meeting, implementation had already started. The difference between the notion or desire and the action was the input we gave and the opportunities we saw. When it comes to finding a video producer, especially in corporate video marketing, a fresh pair of eyes on the business can be invaluable. And this is in a business that already has a marketing team. Additionally, as is often the case, this is a business that has dabbled in video but without any real informed approach or time invested to generate a return. When you start to talk, the unused assets and quick wins surface. Light bulb moments happen. Naturally it's all about having a meeting of minds, and being honest about being ready to move ahead. The key stakeholders in the business need to be on board - some of my best meetings have been with real advocates of video as a must-have at the current time. We are told that 'talk is cheap', and this is meant to sound like a bad thing. When talking about video marketing with the right person generates a whole new arm to your sales and content strategy, and fires you into thinking about new opportunities to showcase your business, cheap talk can be very valuable.