Find the video win-win

Video - Is there a win-win?

A conversation with a client this week about their potential video journey offered up the sometime-raised possibility of a business win-win through using video. In the right business, and the right combination of circumstances, video marketing can become a tool that provides positive feedback, generating new business opportunities. Even the discussion can start this ball rolling – so I’m not talking about the value that the finished corporate video itself provides. In this case the client, who can be viewed in one sense as an online directory, wanted a video to convey what they provide. However, using a ‘talking head’ approach to listing services would make for a long and dry video. So a better approach would be to talk in general terms about benefits, rather than services (which is always a good idea anyway). The win-win comes from the idea of getting the suppliers on the directory to talk about their own services in separate videos. The client can setup a brief video shoot in which the supplier gets to create a brief clip for the directory AND a longer piece for their own use. The client gets a more visual website, more content that helps SEO, and a way to recover the costs of video by creating a ‘premium listing’ product. The supplier gets more exposure, a more personal connection with potential customers, and in a very cost-effective way. It’s not the first time that thinking outside the box during a client session has generated more questions about video strategy and avenues to explore. Where is there a way to get video a 2-for-1 in your business, or to offer added value to your customers and partners? Talk to us, and together we may be able to find it.