Don’t fear the camera

Fear of The Camera

There are a lot of potential fears associated with joining the business video revolution. Some are understandable, some are universal, many are misplaced, and most can be overcome. There seem to be two main types. Fear of failure. Of not delivering to the potential of you and the business you represent. Of letting yourself down. Fear of being judged. Of looking a fool in the eyes of others. Of being viewed as dressing ‘wrongly’, looking ‘funny’ or delivering ‘poorly’. Even experienced actors get nervous before going on stage. Even newsreaders fluff their lines sometimes. Few end up summarily dismissed. In 2011 I shot an interview with a seasoned public speaker and coach, and yet he was very nervous about being in front of camera. He himself couldn’t rationalize it. By the end of the shoot he was buoyed by the experience. I shot another interview with him in 2012. This time he was with a colleague who is normally much more naturally relaxed, comfortable and warned me that he liked to gesticulate. Yet in front of the camera he sat stock still. Last month we cajoled a conference attendee to say a few words to camera. She came alive like a seasoned BBC reporter. One CEO can deliver a 3 minute speech in one take. The next is like a rabbit in the headlights. Sometimes there is no rhyme of reason to all this. But working with someone sympathetic, who is helping and not judging, can make things a lot easier. I hate being on camera. But I know that the video that I produce is not for me to watch and wince at. It is for the greater good of promoting my business. Yes, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. But does this mean you have nothing to say, no audience, no opportunity, no potential customers waiting to hear about how great you are? You are not the buyer. You are the seller. Let the buyers judge whether to buy. If being in business, doing what you do, fires you up, gets you out of bed every morning, makes you delight in sinking effort in your brand, your website, your social media effort, then all that will come across on video if you let it. If people already like you and what you do, isn’t it likely that more people would like it too, if you could reach them?