Failing video campaigns

If at first you don't succeed, give up.

The mantra of a successful business? Unlikely. Faced with a marketing initiative that is failing, what are the options? Consider it a lost cause, a sunk cost, and move on? Sometimes, to quote a sage (ok, Bananarama), 'It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it'. What has caused the failure - the idea or the execution? If you undertake a leaflet drop or direct mail campaign and get a negligible response, what was at fault - the wrong audience, the wrong message or the wrong physical design? When I met a business recently whose YouTube video has had 2 views in the last 6 months, my first thought is not to forget it and try something else. I see opportunity, not failure. The business has decided that video is not a priority at the moment. Another way to put this is ' having invested time and money in a marketing initiative, we are not interested in seeing a return on our efforts'. Or 'rather than having a marketing channel that will repeatedly deliver after a one-off investment, we would rather spend money on a weekly basis'. 'Video isn't working for us'. This is only a valid response when all practical avenues have been explored and all sensible efforts have been put in to give the best opportunity for success. To fail without trying is woeful.¬†Failing video campaigns are unforgivable. One of my own marketing initiatives was failing due to my own lack of knowledge. So, give up, or hire a knowledgeable specialist to make it work? No contest.   FREE YouTube analysis