Everybody’s Doing Video

Video is everywhere.

"It's a great thing." "A great communication method." "It draws in customers." "It's better than pages of web text." "I know I need to be doing it." Just some of the comments I hear about corporate video. Seems that everyone is doing it (just look at the stats on YouTube for starters), or knows that they should be. So why don't I live in a stately pile with a row of Ferraris parked outside? Because most people aren't in fact doing it. Have a look at your competitors online - are they embracing video? Punch a few phrases into Google, key things that your customers might look for in trying to find your services or products. Is page 1 littered with corporate videos in the search results? Probably not. Hmm, so what does that mean? Is video not the answer? For your competitors, obviously not. (Or, more correctly, they may be 'doing video' but it isn't exactly rocking the search engines). So, no worries then. You're on equal terms. Is that really the smart place to be? You have just found a chink in your opponent's armour, a proven marketing technique that is waiting to be exploited. Anything that you can do in this space is better than nothing. But an intelligently executed something is even better, as any marketing consultant will tell you.