A week in my life

Corporate Video production - the life

Here at London Corporate Media, there rarely a time when there aren't a host of video production balls in the air, and a huge variety in the workload. As an insight into the type of things we get up to, here's a fairly typical week.   Thursday. I head to London to cover a lunchtime event briefing. The client, who I'd done the first piece of work for a week earlier, was holding a customer event with a panel discussion, and wanted the content capturing for posterity. Whilst there, they also asked about a voiceover for an existing piece they had, so I fired off emails to my contacts. Friday. A day in the office. First job was to capture yesterday's footage. The client had asked about an audio MP3 of the event so I sent that off to them before lunch. Then I had a look at the footage from Wednesday shoot and caught up with some admin. Saturday. 9am and, with trains disrupted, it's an unusual route into Moorgate to shoot the installation of some office graphics. This is the 4th such case study for my client who uses the videos to show off the work that's involved in going from concept to reality. It's an on-off type of shoot, so in the downtime I'm busy editing other projects on the laptop. Home just in time for tea. Sunday. With the trains difficult to navigate, I catch a lift with the client to London to finish off shots of the completed installation. This time it's home after lunch. Monday. A client has asked about a re-edit, following customer feedback on their video. As video marketing is all about engaging customers, I recut the film and send it off. Then it's some more editing until mid afternoon when I head up to Camden. The evening's shoot is for a longstanding client; music industry seminars. It's always great at these gigs to have a helpful sound engineer who is very slick at giving me a great audio feed from the desk: event audio is so important. It's a late one, home by 10.30. Tuesday. Down to Crawley to meet a new client and pick up footage from a trek to the South Pole, which I'm editing into various promotional films. Breaking news is that Patrick will be appearing on BBC news the following day and would like to have a 1 minute film to show... So, after heading to Horsham to shoot a quick property tour, it's back to the office to pull together the edit and email it to the client by 8pm. Wednesday. It's many many months since I first chatted with a storage company about putting together a promo for them, and now their business is at the right point to move ahead, so it's a great morning meeting to round off the editing work done after breakfast. From the meeting I head directly down the A3 for a regular monthly vidcast shoot with a cracking client. Then we walk through the content program for the year ahead, and alternative music choices for their corporate video. Then it's back to the office to see whether the In Tray is bigger or smaller than it was a week ago. Bigger.