Corporate Video Pricing

How Long Is A Piece Of String?

It will be obvious to both those that commission corporate videos and those that produce them that price (cost) is often a sticking point, or a reason not to go ahead in the first place. Leaving aside (for now) the cost vs. value debate, return on investment and all that good stuff, what is actually the issue sometimes is perceived or expected cost of video production. The easy way to lay this ghost to rest is to not condemn video to a guilty verdict before examining all the evidence. That is – take a few meetings with possible video producers to ascertain what is possible with the budget you have. And do have a budget in mind. For me, the worst question ever to put in front of a video producer is ‘How much does it cost to have a video?’ It happens to me on almost a weekly basis. The variables are so legion that they make a stock answer impossible, not least because to do so would risk a potentially massive disconnect in the expectations of both parties. It goes without saying that a 3 minute video of e.g. an accountant talking to camera, versus a 3 minute promo produced by a FSTE100 company are not even in the same sport, let alone the same ballpark. Even within the SME arena, a 60-second graphics-intensive demo cannot be compared to a simple ‘elevator pitch’ video. So, even quoting a price range is sometimes difficult because the range could be so large as to be meaningless.

Can I afford video?

Don’t dismiss video without research and an examination of where the opportunities lie – you may be surprised how affordable it can be, whilst remaining commensurate with your brand image. The bottom line is that there is almost always a way to get something – not for nothing, as everyone’s time (even your own) is money – but for a number that makes sense. Be open minded. Ring-fencing or prejudging your needs and expectations without creative input can itself be self-defeating when trying to meet cost restrictions. Focusing on the What, Why and For Whom, and initially leaving aside the How will allow the end product to be moulded in the most appropriate way to overcome any price barrier. Then both the cost and the value will be right.