Copyright music for video

Don't let copyright music for video trip you up

I came across a great blog this week and wanted to share the sentiment with you. Did you know that if you include copyrighted music as part of your video, YouTube can block the video from being played on mobile devices? With the rise of mobile as a browsing platform, can you really afford to stymie your potential return from video marketing by lazily choosing a pop song you like as a backing track? Going through the proper channels isn't cheap. A potential client of mine wanted to use a Queen track on his planned video. When I contacted Universal and found that the license fee was £10,000, Plan B was quickly needed. The promo video I shot for Max McKenzie didn't suffer because it used royalty-free music. It has still amassed more Views than a lot of YouTube videos I see - in fact over 5000 to date. The key is that the music be appropriate to the content. I chose something pacy and, to me, reminiscent of Masterchef. On the same day I shot a promo for the venue, and the owner said he favoured blues music, so this is what I used for that video, marrying it to a slower edit pace. Cutting corners when it comes to Copyright music for video can backfire. With a huge library of legitimate music, I can always find something that adds value to my projects, without risking my client having his collar felt, or a potential customer turning away.