Consistency in Video Marketing

What does ‘consistency’ mean when it comes to video marketing?

Fundamentally there are two aspects – Brand consistency, and Production consistency. Brand consistency tells us that all aspects of the marketing mix must be not only identifiable with the business (logo, use of colours, fonts, tone of voice), but they must share an appropriate theme or approach. For video this means that the content itself must have production values which reflect both the vertical in which the business operates, and the position within the hierarchy. That is to say that the ‘look and feel’ of the video will differ between a builder and a law firm, and also between a ‘man and van’ builder and a property development company. Getting this wrong risks alienating the audience – because naturally the target audience are looking to see a representation of the brand values the company espouses elsewhere. This brand consistency also extends to ensuring that whatever online platforms are used to host the video(s) are also extensions of the look and feel of the company website, much in the way that effort is put into the company’s Twitter profile backgrounds, or newsletter branding. Production consistency is all about maintaining the same level of momentum with video as you would with other social media and marketing platforms. Newsletters (online or offline) are not a one-hit marketing approach. Twitter is unlikely to work if used in a sporadic and ad-hoc manner. As vlogging (video blogging) becomes more prevalent, it needs to be treated with care. A consistency of approach is needed, and also a regularity of dissemination of the content. Releasing videos to your audience at the same time every week or month is going to generate expectation and attentiveness. Producing a series of videos is not the scary or expensive endeavor that many may think, and if integrated into regular marketing communications can offer great opportunities to build brand awareness through momentum. Consistency in video marketing shows that a brand is not being reactive or faddish, but serious about communicating with its customers in a way that is undeniably a mainstay of our world – the moving image.