What is your difference?

Use video to showcase your uniqueness

It's been encouraging recently to have discussions with two potential clients who were USP focused when thinking about their corporate video to achieve compelling video content. Whilst every customer is different, and all our video production work is bespoke, it is easy to dust off the Corporate Video Recipe Book and create a simple 3 minute piece that is a whole lot better than not having a video at all. But at both premises I looked around and thought 'establishing shots, footage of the business working, shots of the office staff, a few words to camera, bit of music, done'. I could move down the road to their competitors and shoot essentially the same thing. Yes, the words would be different and properly planned, but in terms of potential customers deciding between them on the basis of their corporate video, they would be educated and engaged to a similar level. Luckily in both cases the discussion quickly came to, as Chris Tarrant might say, "But we don't want to give you that." Not only was it about communicating USP (or whatever synonym you want to use for 'standing out'), it was about making the concept a little less ordinary. Realistic, achievable, to a budget, but not derivative. Not high concept, not viral, not cheesy, but something with personality. We brainstormed a couple of ideas and found common ground. If your product or service is compelling - and we both know it is - then your biggest risk in video is appearing average. When you are planning and storyboarding your video, try the 'So What?' test. Your customer can't get to the end and say 'So What?' In fact they shouldn't think of any word or phrase that ends in a question mark. What you want to elicit is something that ends with an exclamation mark.