Video versus other sales and marketing tools

The value of video

It is said that one of the best marketing tools is branded merchandise because it is paid for once and then remains in the hands of potential clients for a long time. You probably have a branded ballpoint laying in one of your desk drawers. Low unit cost, high longevity. We think business video marketing scores well on potential cost per view, cost per lead, and longevity. Let's have a look at some of the competitors.

Cold Calling

Manually intensive. Relatively fixed in unit cost, and with no longevity. Either someone is interested at that point, or they aren't. Not usually received well by potential buyers. Equally likely to reach those who are interested in your services and those who aren't, unless a database has been purchased, which adds further cost.


A scattergun approach. Potentially regarded as junk mail by many. Usually has a very low hit rate and little longevity. Reliant on hitting the right customer at the right time.


Often hard to quantify the return against potentially large outlays. Little legacy when campaign ends. Usually a limited or defined audience.

Print advertising

Usually regarded as generating a poor return, and often based on a single 'impression' (exposure to a customer). Reliant on hitting the right customer at the right time.

PPC / Adwords

Allows flexible budgeting, but requires ongoing expenditure - the adverts stop when you stop paying. Relies on good campaign management and a good website. Cost per click (user interest) more likely to be pounds than pence.

Website SEO management

As Google’s algorithms are constantly shifting, this can be a case of constantly running to keep up, paying monthly sums to stand still or slowly move forwards.

Social Media

It needs a regular investment of time - and by definition money - to be constantly posting and engaging. Ceasing breaks the bond to the potential customer. Whole salaries can be consumed managing the channel. Returns often hard to monitor.

Email Marketing

First the data must be gathered, then the regular process begins. After the upfront cost it is a regular outgoing, in time and cost to produce content, and to disseminate.


Can be a “sow once, reap many times” investment. Longevity for as long as the message is valid. Loved by Google, and audiences. Hits customers who are actively interested in what you are offering. Seldom affected by Google algorithm changes. Requires no audience data gathering. Engagement highly analysable. Cost per impression decreases with every view. With a small investment of time by a knowledgeable individual, cost per click can be pence or fractions of pence.   Where is your marketing investment best placed?