How Long Is A Piece Of String?

It will be obvious to both those that commission corporate videos and those that produce them that price (cost) is often a sticking point, or a reason not to go ahead in the first place. Leaving aside (for now) the cost vs. value debate, return on investment and all that good stuff, what is actually the issue sometimes is perceived or expected cost of video production. The easy way to lay this ghost to rest is to not condemn video to a guilty verdict before examining all the evidence. That is – take a few meetings with possible video producers to ascertain what is possible with the budget you have. read more

Video - Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway!

You have a great business. You have a good brand. A professional website. You do marketing. You even do social media! So what’s next? Where’s the edge? What’s your approach to gaining competitive advantage? It isn’t video. Video is too scary. Too expensive. Too complicated. A luxury. An expense. Isn’t it? read more