Promotion through video trailers

Film studios do it. TV channels do it. YouTube ads do it. Even authors do it. Trailers. Generating advance public awareness of a forthcoming product, service or event. Setting the marketing machine in motion, warming up the buyer, getting people interested, loosening the purse strings. It sounds like it might be a decent idea for a business to try. read more

Don't be viral, just be great

I was talking with two colleagues this week, and the subject of the iconic Dollar Shave Club viral video came up. What I like about this video is that it illustrates a number of important points about video marketing; read more

How important is related experience?

On a recent client shoot, one of the great lines in his script was a quote "Whatever got you here won't get you there". It's an encapsulation of the need to move forwards, try new things, and not rely solely on old methods to move your business to greater heights. So when you are hiring, which is more important, skill and adaptability, or experience in your particular niche? I believe when it comes to video marketing, it is the former. There is the risk that if a business is looking to produce something that is 'of its industry', it will just blend in with all its competitors. read more

Get in the frame

Creating a good looking shot is as important in video as it is in photography. Even if you are shooting video yourself and you don't have a great environment, it is a good idea to at least put yourself in the right position within the frame of view. read more

The Video Edit

It’s an interesting question – where is the video made – on the shoot, or in the edit studio? The logical answer is both -  you can’t do without the raw material, and you can’t do without some degree of organizing, decision-making, adding, subtracting, polishing etc. But the balance of time needed on both disciplines varies greatly between projects. When discussing projects with clients, what we’re going to shoot and how, there sometimes comes the statement ‘And then you’ve got all the editing to do.’ And often, without wanting to denigrate the importance of this step, I can say ‘Yes, but it’s not rocket science’ (and as an Astrophysics graduate – I speak from a position of strength!). Looking at a project which is essentially a short single-take piece to camera, the hard work is not in the video editing, it is in the preparation. If the client has their message right, and is aware that cutting and pasting is not an option if they want the video to look slick, then it’s a matter of selecting the best Take. If the sound, lighting and framing are right, how much hard work is there to do? read more

Video Engagement

With time-poverty an increasing part of our busier lives, video content producers need to focus on retaining audience attention - giving customers a reason to start watching - and keep watching - their corporate and promotional videos. One element of this is that the video needs to open well and hook the audience in - to engage your video audience quickly. Long graphic sequences and rambling introductions risk a viewer thinking "Where's the information I am looking for?" Last year I saw a great example of how not to do it. It was a simple video showing what users could expect if they visited a particular networking group. Sadly the first minute or so if the video was a variety of external shots of the venue. How is that helping the viewer? read more

10 Tips to make YouTube work for your business

These 10 Key YouTube Tips are broadly listed in order of increasing complexity, but not necessarily in order of the best ways to drive traffic to your business. read more

Where is your video audience?

As a business, you should know your demographic. This is easier said than done for some; socks are bought by everyone, wedding dresses by a very specific customer. Not only must marketing messages be targeted at that customer avatar, they must be channelled through the media by which that customer likes to consume information. In other words you need to be aware of where your customer hangs out. read more

Don't let copyright music for video trip you up

I came across a great blog this week and wanted to share the sentiment with you. Did you know that if you include copyrighted music as part of your video, YouTube can block the video from being played on mobile devices? With the rise of mobile as a browsing platform, can you really afford to stymie your potential return from video marketing by lazily choosing a pop song you like as a backing track? read more

Know Your Stats using YouTube Analytics

A little-explored feature of YouTube for most 'post and host' users is the YouTube Analytics function. Because Google owns YouTube, there are similarities between the type and depth of analysis you can get on your video portfolio as you can on your organic and PPC website searches and clicks. At the basic level you can look at your View count and see how it is performing over time. Remember that to stand a good chance of your Views taking off (as well as the obvious need for good content and optimisation) the video needs to get around 100 views in the first few days, and then things can start to snowball. read more