Basics of video framing

Get in the frame

Creating a good looking shot is as important in video as it is in photography. Even if you are shooting video yourself and you don't have a great environment, it is a good idea to at least put yourself in the right position within the frame of view. When we are shooting relatively close up, there are three basic shot sizes we look at:
  • Head and shoulders
  • 'Breast pocket' - as above
  • Waist upwards
Those 3 are fairly self-explanatory. What seems to go wrong a lot of the time - you can even spot tourists doing it in the 'Mum in front of art gallery' or 'Auntie in front of landmark' shot - is leaving enough space for the subject to put on a top hat. It's not a good look. If you aim for one of the 3 shot sizes above, and put just a bit of clean air above the top of the hair, then that's about as simple formula as I can give you for basics of video framing. By all means have fun when you're out and about with your pocket camera, but when it's business at stake you can do your image a power of good by taking a moment to make sure You've Been Framed.