10 Key YouTube Tips

10 Tips to make YouTube work for your business

These 10 Key YouTube Tips are broadly listed in order of increasing complexity, but not necessarily in order of the best ways to drive traffic to your business.
  1. You need to have a Channel, not just a Logon. Your Channel is your ‘shop front’, your content vault.
  2. Your Channel name needs to reflect your business and your brand.
  3. Your Channel needs a description and a profile. It needs to be connected to your other social media accounts and your website. It needs a logo and an appropriately coloured header.
  4. Your Channel needs keywords – properly formatted – that describe your business, your niche and the solutions you offer.
  5. Your Channel settings need to define the correct layout pattern, tabs and Featured video.
  6. Your videos need to have meaningful filenames, titles, descriptions and keywords. Your videos need to hyperlink to your website.
  7. Use Playlists to group your videos and further drive traffic.
  8. Add Featured Channels from businesses within your inner network, your joint ventures, recommended suppliers.
  9. You need to regard YouTube as a social media platform. Results are partially driven from engagement. So you need people to Like your videos and Subscribe to your Channel.
  10. Having just 1 video does not imply a strategy for customer engagement. Your Channel needs a carefully considered portfolio that builds momentum and hence credibility.
This is just the start. Talk to us to find out how to really get a handle on this iconic marketing channel.