Whether you are looking for production of a corporate video, content marketing through video, video case studies of your projects, insights into your products or services, we can help with a video editing service.

Need things in a rush? We have a great track record in fast project turnaround. Sometimes we’ve been on client site within 36 hours of an enquiry. We can produce a video from start to finish the same day. We can edit on location. We’ve even produced an edit within an hour of finishing the filming.

A few of our video projects have been essentially collages – sourcing library footage and editing together to tell the client’s story or showcase a product.

Sometimes an old video needs to be re-branded or have elements changed – something we’ve done for both existing client projects and new client requirements.

Occasionally the most cost-effective route for a business to produce video is to film it themselves and then pass the footage to us to edit and polish. This can be especially true for unplanned content or customer video testimonials.

We can also take media from other production companies, or broadcast material, and repurpose for you.