Logistics company video content

Since working with Diamond in winter 2013 the working relationship has become that of almost feeling part of the team. From the initial thrice annual event shoots, we are now working on both monthly and ad-hoc video projects, including externally facing content marketing, overarching corporate and service specific videos, monthly vidcasts, internal events and training videos, award submission videos and recruitment-led videos.

Responsiveness has been important, with business requirements sometimes meaning shoot to delivery within the week of the demand. With a developing understanding of the client’s business we are able to be on the same wavelength, allowing a busy CEO to hand off responsibility with confidence.

With a large pool of content in the archive, this is kept readily accessible for cherry picking when needed.

We’ve also taken on a management role of the YouTube channel, directly uploading and organising new content, to spare the client the admin burden.


“Diamond partners with business to deliver their promises and profits with our one stop logistics solutions. With our Really Good Same Day Courier, Multi Carrier Solutions for all your overnight and international distribution, and our Actual Warehouse solution, we have a tailor-made logistics solution to fit your business.

Diamond Logistics was established in Guildford, Surrey in 1992 to serve the fine business folk of Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire providing great courier and despatch services. Now we have over 20 depots all around the UK so eventually all businesses can reach a member of the Diamond family.

Diamond Logistics Ltd are a specialist same day, overnight and local storage company providing a wide range of organisations with delivery and fulfilment solutions. Working with SME’s, blue-chip corporate and local government and healthcare providers Diamond delivers anything, anywhere, anytime.”

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