Accountancy video content

We have started working with this established accountancy firm based in London and the Thames Valley. Like many professional service firms, video is not widely used in their marketing mix, but their specialties and depth of knowledge are ideal for informational as well as promotional content.
The first part of the engagement was to recce the offices for future shoots, discuss possible video opportunities, and to start work on brand assets for the content i.e. Animated logo, loading corporate fonts, preparing caption formats.

The first shoot took place at a briefing event. The three presentations were captured, as well as a short overview of the morning. The briefings were shot on 2 cameras and the slides integrated into the 3 final videos.

Immediately after the briefings finished we moved downstairs to another room where 2 other cameras were set up for a series of talking head interview-style pieces from key client personnel. These were short informative pieces on the company and various tax points. For an attractive feel these were shot on a pair of DSLRs, with the presentations being covered on the more appropriate standard video cameras.

From this initial day, 30 videos were made.

Subsequent engagements will be on further content marketing, a corporate video, client testimonials, and other seminar events.

We’ve created 3 YouTube channels for the associated brands, uploaded all the videos, and undertaken keyword planning.

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